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American CPR Training™ | Antiseptic Wipes - Treat/ProtectThey are effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Alcohol Pads/Wipes can also be used to disinfect other tools in your first aid kit such as tweezers. And in a First Aid Only - 12-110 Alcohol Wipes, 100 Per  Unit boxes simplify finding what you need in an emergency, as well as when you need to restock. Feature 4: Flexibility. Missing a refill box in your First Aid Kit or 
Alcohol Wipes – 10 Per Unit - Isopropyl  Alcohol Wipes – 10 Per Unit These Alcohol Wipes are essential to any first aid kit. This single use alcohol prep pad will help prevent infection while treating Antiseptic Wipes and Alcohol Cleansing Pads |No first aid kit is complete without Antiseptic and Alcohol Cleansing Pads. These wipes are vital in cleansing wounds and the surrounding areas to properly care Antiseptic First Aid Wipes 20/Box : Individual  In my first aid kit I had a similar wipe made by Johnson & Johnson and it cleansed the wound beautifully without the stinging, painful agony of an alcohol wipe

Custom Medical Alcohol Prep Pads Alcohol Wipes

1 pcs Negotiable

Factory Cheap Price Alcohol Pads with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

70% 1 pcs

75% Hand Wipes Disposable Cleaning Wipes

75% 1 pcs

The One High Quality Alcohol Prep Pad

1 pcs Negotiable